Building Tools in Second Life

Building tools are extremely useful in the Second Life universe because they will enable you to start building your own house. The SL resident has a wide range of options that can help him create objects, for example he can start building his own house on his land or he can furnish the house by creating virtual furniture. Once an object is created in the 3D world of Second Life, users can store it in their personal inventory, they can share it with other residents or they can place it anywhere in the SL virtual world.

Second Life objects are made of one or two or even more prims or primitive shapes. For example a chair can be built out of 6 prims, meaning that 6 individual primitive shapes like triangles or spheres will make the object. More prims put together can form complicated items like couches or audio sound systems. These prims can be put together with the help of building tools that can be accessed from the Tools window in Second Life. The Tools window has 5 options: Focus, Edit, Move, Create and Land.

The Focus tool will change the 3D view of the Second Life universe by rotating the camera in different directions. When you are building something you can view it from different perspectives. You can zoom on the object and orbit around him. You can also choose a parallel viewing plane. The Move tool is used for moving a selected object to different places. It is an important building tool used especially in SL interior design because it can help users decorate they house and move the furniture where they see fit. Users can also lift and spin the objects. The Edit tool is used for editing specific details about on object like color, texture, position and so on. The object tab in the Edit tool menu is for editing the size, shape and location of a certain object, helping SL residents to move their furniture and size it so it can fit different spaces.

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