Virtual Hotels Designs

Building design is a very important and useful concept in Second Life. SL residents who are building houses in the virtual world and hotel owners that want to view their hotels in perspective have a useful friend in what specialists call building information modeling or BIM. When SL developers use BIM they can visualize a building inside out, in three-dimensions and down to the last detail.

SL residents who are buying a house in the in-world from a resident who is a virtual architect can tell him how they want the house to look like. With the help of building design technology, the virtual architect can make design changes and analyze the graphic cost of the house. House owners in Second Life are very pleased that the virtual world and its technology can help them visualize the house in different perspectives, different lights and different colors. They can choose the material they want to use and adapt every object they buy to the necessities of the space they have. Lofts in Second Life are easy to manage with the help of BIM technology because the user has a clear, global view of the whole space which he or she can decorate accordingly.

BIM technology is also useful for residents who want to get inspired from other designs because they can easily adapt them to the Second Life universe. Generally, everything is possible in Second Life. Users can build a whole castle if they feel the need to have such a thing. But, most importantly, building design is important for real architects that want to make small architecture businesses in the virtual world as virtual designers. They can develop a SL home and then present it and sell it to interested residents. They can also adjust changes according to the buyers taste. BIM is very useful for graphic enthusiast that want to make some money out of the virtual world.

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