How to Design a Loft

A loft in Second Life is a big, empty space that can become a SL resident’s home if it is properly furnished. Residents in Second Life can chose the type of home that they want. They can buy a typical house, a castle, a beach house or, if they don’t like to be cramped up in small rooms with walls, they can choose a loft. Lofts are usually large rooms, with large windows that allow for a lot of natural light.

SL residents can build a loft on the 512 sqm lot that they can acquire from Linden producers or from other SL users that are involved in the land development industry. SL residents will save a lot of money when building a loft because they won’t spend as much on walls and stairs and doors.

Designing a loft has some simple rules. Never put too many rooms or partitions. Actually make one special place for the bathroom. You can add a build-in kitchen and the rest should be open space. If you want more intimacy, you can add a low wall to hide the bed. The kitchen can be separated with a glass wall that is very popular. The loft should be designed with high walls that will offer you a very spacious feeling. Usually, 12 feet should be enough. Your virtual SL avatar will not feel it, but people that will come over for parties will most definitely admire the large open space where they can dance, mingle and talk.

Lofts are ideal for SL users that want to have a very social life in Second Life. They can be furnished with party furniture like audio systems and couches. Because Second Life is all about social interaction, a loft will give the owner the opportunity to host parties and social events that will not be cramped up in small rooms.

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