Hotel Costs in Second Life

When a big hotel company decides to place their hotel brand in the virtual world of Second Life they are looking at big costs when it comes to land ownership. Also, they will have to face some software difficulties. Still, having famous and popular hotels in Second Life will guarantee instant publicity on a market that is filled with potential customers.

For example, a four star hotel has to invest about $20.000 in Second Life. This can be hard to grasp even for the most creative marketer because these are money spent on virtual goods. First of all, hotel owners will have to buy an island because they will need bigger space. The initial cost of an island in Second life is about $1250. Unless the buyer has excellent graphic skills and wants to level the terrain himself and adapt it to the right building requirements, he will have to spend an extra $250 for that matter too. The building of a virtual hotel on an island can go up to even $25.000. There are also monthly maintenance fees that must be paid to the creators of Second Life. These fees can go up to $200.

In Second Life, hotels can’t be made as exact real life replicas because SL construction can be done horizontally. You can also build vertically, but many places cannot be accessed at the same time. For example, if you have a tennis court on the ground level and a swimming pool at the first floor, SL users won’t be able to use them both simultaneously. That is why most SL hotels are expanding horizontally. In the virtual world of Second Life the name is very important. Famous luxurious international hotels will attract people as long as they offer the same services they provide in real life. Usually, hotels are used in Second Life for parties and social events.

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