Building a House in Second Life

One of the best things about the virtual world of Second Life is that you can create your own house and decorate it as you see fit. Also, you can choose the place of your new home, like in the middle of the desert or on a tropical island or even inside an ancient castle.

Building a house in Second Life starts with acquiring land. There are two available ways for this. You can buy land directly from Linden Labs with a premium account or you can rent land from other SL residents. This last alternative will help you create strong social relationships in SL, but is a little insecure. Non-premium users find it easier to rent land on the mainland. Islands are too expensive at this level. SL users who want to rent land for house building should rent it only from people that are in the land development business in Second Life.

The initial plot of land that a non-premium user can acquire has 512 sqm. The best part about house building in Second Life is that you can get it done in a matter of minutes with the help of Second Life building and creation tools. Users that are not experienced with graphic design can get a free house at Help Island. There, they have a few models available and users can choose one that will automatically built on their land.

The next thing in line after building the house is furnishing it. Interior design is a huge business in Second Life. Users can build the furniture themselves or they can get one that is already created. Decorative pieces can be bought from Linden shops, but users can get into meeting new people that usually have small business and shops where they sell almost everything. The things sold there are usually cheaper than Linden furniture.

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