Land and Social Status

Second Life is a virtual world where owning land and houses is the best guarantee for a high social status. Unlike other games, although Second Life isn’t exactly a game, where the most precious possessions are arms and stamina or fighting experience, in Second Life the best way to go is to acquire as much land as possible. This will guarantee a future income because you can sell it or rent it. You can also use it for social events which are very popular and are also considered the social glue of the virtual world that is Second Life today.

Basically, Second Life offers all the benefits you can get by owning a real property in the real life except the fact that your virtual property will never get altered. A Second Life user has to spend a minimum of $295 on land. Of course the price can go up to even $300.000 for land ownership. Still, there are huge benefits from this. Land can be rented to different users that will live in it, develop their own business or use it to organize social events for different companies. You can also open your own shop. Land ownership is expensive in Second Life, but it will make you a landlord. Technically, buying land in Second Life means acquiring a property that doesn’t actually exist, but this can be a very useful thing for an independent business in Second Life.

The most important things in Second Life are physical aspect and land ownership. The way your avatar looks and the properties that she or he has will guarantee social success in the virtual world of SL. This online platform develops an online social community that is centered on the goal of acquiring as much land as possible. After the Linden dollar, which is SL’s currency, land is the biggest asset one can have in Second Life.

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