Different Looks for Different Houses

Have you ever wanted to try out a completely new look in your house, but could not afford it? Do it online. Keep your house looking the way it is; then, use your computer to decorate whole new attitudes into another one without having to spend any money at all. Maybe your house now is somewhere between modernized and simple. Why not try completely modern? You could go online and have a dining room with a glass table, square plates with khaki flower petals and red napkins rolled into silver napkin holders. Your kitchen can be all silver appliances with top notch cooking utensils and a coffee pot that makes one cup at a time so that everyone has their own flavor. Or maybe you want an antique home instead; have a living room sofa with cushions wide enough to be a twin sized bed, high backed, and pillows that could be found in your great-great-grandmother's home. Have a wood burning fireplace in your work study beside the chestnut desk used for writing and no hidden compartments for computers; just like writer's had in the late nineteenth century. Or maybe you would rather go for a country home look. Have a kitchen with red and white plaid stripes on your dishrag and a glass chicken in the window. The counter tops are white and the cutting board is wooden; no fancy appliances, just all of the utensils you need to do everything yourself by hand. Have a small shelf in the corner with cookbooks from Paula Dean, Country Cooking, and Southern Homes. Maybe even make a place in the corner for your sheep dog to sleep at night complete with his massive water bowl and raw hide bone. You can go for any look that you please when you do it online. You can do it all from the comfort of your chair without breaking your bank in the process; you can have fun with it.

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