Interior Design in Second Life

Interior design in Second Life goes by the same rules as real interior design: don’t crowd a place and always keep it simple and lighter. Because SL residents can’t host a social event with more than 40 people due to SL software restrictions, it is useful for them to know that when they redesign a place less furniture will make a room more attractive. Users can find many online blogs that deal with interior designing in Second Life and loft designing.

Places in Second Life are usually called lofts because, after they are virtually created, they are big, empty and wide spaces that need to be personalized. With a little graphic skill, you can add everything you ever imagined to your Second Life home. You can buy everything you need for your virtual house from the Second Life marketplace, which can be found on the Second Life official website. Here, you’ll find all the construction materials you’ll need like texture, doors, stairs, structures, windows and raw terrain files. There are dozens of packs available on sale and you can also preview them. Users can even get a full automatic sliding door for their home.

Before getting to interior design, you can pick up the type of floors you want to have, how many windows and doors, how many corners and so on. Second Life offers you freedom of expression and the best part about it is that you are not limited by physical boundaries like in real life where you can put a certain couch near a certain wall because it doesn’t fit. In Second Life everything fits. You can adapt your bed, your curtains, your kitchen and bathroom to your wildest dreams like pool table in the middle of the kitchen. Of course, SL objects come with a price.

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