Building a Hotel in Second Life

Building a hotel in Second Life is a huge proof that your avatar has a special social status. Hotels can improve a player’s social status by giving him the opportunity to rent the place for social events or organizing his own social parties. SL residents have two options when it comes to hotels in Second Life: they can build a virtual loft in an in-world hotel that is already created or they can build their own virtual SL hotel.

Enthusiast players who want to reach for the stars and have their own luxury hotels should be aware that large lofts in large hotels aren’t such a good investment idea. This is because in SL you can get only 40 avatars in a sim. So large spaces will be wasted. You can, however, buy a private island that will allow you to add 60 more residents and make a total of 100 users that can be present at the same time in a limited space in the virtual world. Also, Second Life has limitations when it comes to vertical building, so plan your hotel horizontally and never imagine it as a tall skyscraper.

In virtual hotel building, rooms need to be no more than 50 meters above the ground if you want to use parcel-level access controls. Rooms shouldn’t be above any other rooms because they will remain useless, and they should be spread horizontally. Users who want to build their own hotel in Second Life will need some graphic skills and they should use 3D software that offers building and rendering structures and techniques. Hotel building in Second Life can be time consuming, but if you are planning to invest in it and make it a business, it can turn out quite useful when it is done. Building a hotel in SL requires skills and a lot of patience.

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