Build Hotels Online

While some people may go online to build houses or redecorate them for fun, others may use this online technique to see what color they should paint their bedroom to match their sheets. However, by using an online program to build and decorate, you could blow away the competition at work. For example, maybe you are an architect and are running against someone else in your company to be in charge of building the new hotel downtown. Your competition may draw a scale of what he plans on doing; others might even go as far as making a miniature model of their plans to present with their campaign. However, you could go online and build it. Make your dream hotel exactly as you want it to look; make the windows in the front cover the opening so you can see inside to the information desk. Show them exactly how many floors you want and how far apart the windows to each room will be. You could even show them an idea as to how you would like the rooms to be decorated or what types of food you want to serve with the complementary breakfast you hope to offer your guests. Or maybe you are the one hoping to decorate this hotel. You can show the judges what color the rooms should be or what type of wallpaper should be put up. Maybe figure out if the television should be on top of the dresser in front of the beds or if it should be kept hidden inside the double doors of an entertainment center. Show them the color curtains that would look best with the comforters you have chosen; whether they should just have blinds or if the curtains should reach all the way to the floor. Then, you can show them the different types of rooms; maybe the one person rooms should be decorated differently than the room with a king size and two twins; maybe you think the bigger rooms should be bright tones for the families and the rooms with single king sized beds should be warm colors for couples on vacation. You can show them exactly how you want to decorate instead of drawing pictures or making models; they can see a visual and actually feel as if they have walked into the room.

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