Sculpted Prims in Second Life

Sculpted prims are the latest technological 3D development in Second Life that allows users to create more complex, organic shapes and objects. With the previous prim system, there were a lot of creativity limitations. To better understand the concept, users should know that, for example, in a room, every object is a prim.

When it comes to creating sculpties or sculpted prims, Second Life offers a limited amount of tools. So, most users build their sculpties outside the virtual world of Second Life with the help of different 3D modeling programs and then the virtual object is exported into Second Life. 3D modeling tools that are the best recommendations for sculpting prims include Blender, Maya, Wings 3D.

The process of sculpting prims is very useful for those who want to add personalized objects to their homes in Second Life. The first step is to get a 3D modeling software that can be downloaded online or users can try websites that create sculpties from scratch. The basic working principle of sculpting prims is to create an objects like a chair or a table, then convert it into a sculpt map. The sculpt map looks like a strange rainbow image that will need texture. The sculp map is only the shape of the object. After applying texture like colors, labels, patterns, size the sculp map will become a regular prim.

Sculpted prims can be created with sculp generation programs and paint programs. Sculpt generation programs are generating prims automatically, while users can also manipulate sculpties in 3D programs like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro. These applications work only if the sculptie is not a substitute for a 3D modeler. In this case, users will need a more advanced program. Residents can also build their own sculpting prims with the help of sculpting prims tools like Rokuro or SnurbO'Matic.

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