Homesteading in Second Life

Homesteading is a lifestyle concept that refers to the choice some people make to live self-sufficiently. This means making their own food and building their own house. The last part is the essential feature of house building in Second Life. Lots of SL residents buy land and start building their own virtual house. Some may choose to pick up a house template from the SL shop, while others prefer creativity and start improvising with lofts with lesser walls and doors and with huge open spaces.

There a few different approaches when it comes to individually house building in Second Life. Some users prefer to start by grading their land the way they want it to look. They pick the Bulldozer tool from the Land Editor menu and they start inspecting the land they virtual bought like it is the real one. This is useful for saving money, but very time consuming. Other options include buying a prefabricated home from an in-world architecture firm. Houses can also be found at shops like or If the user has money, he can order a house designed after his plans and ideas by a professional builder who will custom build and design everything in it. These professional builders are usually 3D graphic artists that make a living by designing Second Life houses and selling them to SL residents.

Homesteading in Second Life also involves gardening. Users can buy or grow their own flora and fauna. Things like houses, objects and virtual gardens can be made right in the virtual world of Second Life with the help of in-world building tools. It can be a time consuming activity, but users can get the same fulfillment like seeing their real home being constructed. If you want to make objects move and make sounds in Second Life you have to use a script that can be purchased from SL shops. In this way, you can open doors, light up a room, heat up a hot tub and receive guests.

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