Learn about 3D Modeling

3DThere are many 3d modeling software programs available online and over the years there have been a number of 3d modeling techniques emerge. Each of the 3d modeling techniques that have emerged over the years have various strengths and also weakness such as the Polygon modeling method which is what the virtual game second life uses for its virtual world. Polygon Modeling is the most mature way to 3d model and it is the choice for many games that involve manipulation of the face, vertices and edge of an object but there are also other 3d modeling techniques that many games may use. NURBS modeling is another method of 3d modeling that uses a series of splines that are curved to correctly define an object’s shape. This method is great for organically smooth shapes and it is a method largely based on prims. In addition to this subdivision modeling has some of the benefits of both polygon and NURBS modeling techniques. With this type of modeling a shape is manipulated by control points that can allow for precise detail as well as smooth surfaces.

If you want to try 3d modeling of your own then for many people who play the game Second Life this should not be a problem. If you can run second life on your computer then you will be able to use 3d modeling software on your computer as well but these programs can often be expensive if you do not know where to look. There is free 3D modeling Software available online but usually these programs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. When it comes to free 3D Modeling programs, these can often be in between beginner and pro software and depending on your preferences you may have to research if a particular program fulfills your own personal needs.

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