About Land in Second Life

Land is the essential part of Second Life. You cannot develop your avatar and gain social status in Second Life if you don’t invest in land, own a home or rent land. The Second Life universe is made out of two parts: the mainland, which is the dominant part and it is made out of continents and the resident-owned private estates that are usually called islands. Although continents are physically separated like in the real world they still belong to the mainland.

The mainland is the largest part of land in Second Life and it is divided into smaller portions, named regions that are also divided into even smaller portions called parcels. A parcel is a portion of a region that is owned by a resident of by a group of residents. The parcel is the most used unit of land in Second Life. When SL residents buy land, they actually buy a parcel. A parcel cannot be less than 16m squared. SL residents who want to invest seriously in Second Life land development can buy parcels as big as a whole region. A region of the mainland can add up to 65.000m squared on a SL simulator.

Parcels are unit of lands composed of square blocks measuring 4x4 meters. Regions are much bigger and can be categorized into three types: full regions, homestead regions and openspace regions or void regions. All these types of regions have the same size, but they differ when it comes to their price and limits. A full region can host 100 avatars and 15.000 prims. Homestead regions are available only to SL resident who already own a full region. A homestead region can hold up to 20 avatars and 4000 prims, while an openspace region can host only 10 avatars and 750 prims. These regions are ideal for SL residents who want to open up small businesses.

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