Wings Prims In Second Life

You can make a variety of things in second life including all manner of buildings, landscapes and other objects simply by using prims in second life. Prims are single shapes that serve as the basis for all manner of objects in second life. If you get good enough at sculpting prims there is no limit to the style and uniqueness that you can give to any particular object. Many people that play the second life game have additional 3d modeling software that serves to help them to create even more unique things than the games building tools allow. Many people also employ freelance builders in order to get this done for them If you are looking to do this for yourself you can find various free 3d modeling software programs online to help and wings 3d is a modeling program that you can use to get this done as well.

3d wings is a 3d modeling program that allows you to make highly irregular shapes from only one prim in the second life game. As the various prims in second life only come in specific shapes it is important to know how to change these shapes into anything you want to thus creating a whole range of objects. If you use the 3d wings method of creation you could create virtually anything using much fewer prims than normal. In addition to this 3d wings is used for the creation of very complex 3D models and it also used with a plug in in order to export a model that you create as a sculpt map that is compatible with the second life software. If you want to learn how to use this method to create your sculpties in the second life game then there are many tutorials on the subject on youtube for you to explore.

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