FAQ About Second Life Lofts

A loft in Second Life can be considered a big accomplishment. You bought the land, you purchased the house, now it is time to decorate and customize it. Here you will find a list of FAQs that will help you make the best decisions when it comes to building your perfect loft in the virtual world of Second Life.

Where can I buy objects and items to decorate my new loft? Furniture and household items for houses and lofts in SL can be found in the SL Marketplace section called Home and Garden, on the Second Life official web page. SL residents can also use the inworld search window. Another option is to look for SL residents that have small furniture businesses or for independent artists that can create 3D virtual object at any time.

If I buy a Linden themed house, can I modify it afterwards? Unfortunately, SL Linden houses and lofts can’t be customized. The only way to add personality to such a place is to customize it with furniture, but you can’t modify the texture, the wall, the number of rooms, doors or windows. If you want the best flexibility with your loft, try renting one from a SL resident or from a SL hotel. You can also build your own loft, but you’ll need strong graphic skills. Still, the best solution is to rent if you want to customize your loft.

Can my friends help me decorate my loft? This is actually one of the most interesting features of Second Life. SL residents can form small groups and create objects for each other. Also, people who leave in the same region can visit each other parcels and throw parties. A house can be rotated on a parcel, you can add a garden, swimming pool, but, if it’s a themed Linden house, you can’t remove individual components like fireplaces.

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