Content Creation in Second Life

Content creation is one of the reasons Second Life is so popular today. Unlike other online games or platforms, Second Life offer users the opportunity to create their own world. SL resident can create their own homes, furniture, clothes and hotels. Any Second Life resident can create 3D content that other users can see and maybe use. SL users that are really ambitious can create content and have it for sale. Artists that have established a virtual presence in Second Life can sell their art, while monopoly and business enthusiasts can sell and rent land, properties, and hotels by using real money. Owning a hotel, renting it to SL residents and accepting fees is all part of the huge game that is content creation in SL.

People interested in putting their creations in the Second Life universe should know that their products will be protected by the IP or Intellectual Property Rights. This means that the creators of Second Life promise that, in the virtual universe, your work will be protected by just line in the real world. Of course, other SL residents can make attempts to steal it, but you have the possibility to report them to Linden Lab and they will block their accounts.

Content creation can involve any act of creation that happens inside the in-world of Second Life. It can be done with Second Life tools like scripting, textures, animation, building and so on. Of course the act of creating an object in Second Life has two parts: first you have to build the object using the object editor tool, but you also need to create an object texture for it using the GIMP tool. In the end, you will also need to write a script for it so that you can make it move or make sounds.

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