Building an Aaloft

In September 2008 the Second Life virtual reality saw the opening of its first aloft within the grid. Starwood Hotels is the company who ventured first into the virtual reality to make a name for itself both there and in the real world.

The hotel brand created by Starwood Hotels in Second Life opened many doors and set an admirable example for all other companies out in the real world to venture into the virtual one. The aloft hotel made it possible for Second Life residents to get a glimpse of Starwood Hotels offers and become familiar with their deals. Since then, many others have followed in their footsteps in order to expand their business possibilities.

Creating an aloft hotel in Second Life as with any other structure, it is necessary to be familiar with the building blocks of the virtual world. Second Life uses what is called primitives, like boxes, spheres, cylinders, tubes or rings. With these basic elements it becomes easy to create any kind of structure within SL. 3D model importing has also been made possible, though it needs more testing. Using Maya, an architectural building application, one can create a structure and then import it in Second Life. The results are not exactly accurate, but it does provide an easier way to get through the building process.

Opening an aloft in Second Life is the reward for throwing oneself in the grueling process of structure building. There is an aloft to open in Second Life every once in a while, with residents mostly celebrating the end of a very demanding process that involves knowledge, ingenuity and a lot of patience.

Building anything in Second Life can prove to be an adventure and is always done out of pleasure for those who try it and succeed. And after all that work many celebrate the finished product with those who try.

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