Time Lapse Building Videos

Time lapse building and designing videos are short movie-like productions made by Second Life users about the process of building things in the Second Life universe. These videos usually have many useful details about the construction of various things in Second Life: hotels, homes, houses, lofts, objects, furniture, clothes and many more. The important thing about tame lapse videos is that they show the building process that probably took weeks or even months of work in just 3 or 4 minutes.

Time lapse movies are very useful for SL residents who are beginners in the graphic design virtual world. They can get interesting insights into the building process by watching time lapse videos. Things like how to build a home, how to make objects move and how to adjust your land can be easily learned just by watching a short 3 minute video instead of reading graphic manuals.

Time lapse movies can be paused whenever the user feels the need to see a certain part of the building process again. The best recipe for building things in Second Life with time lapse videos is to start the video and work along it. When you get specific information about the building process, pause the video and then go inside the virtual world and replicate the steps. Second Life offers the possibility to stream videos inside the in-world so you don’t have to leave the Second Life application every time you want to see another step from the building process.

Time lapse videos can be found online, on SL forums, and are usually made by SL users that have already experience building things in SL. So, by doing what they have done, you are guaranteed to learn how to build stuff in Second Life. The process will require a little effort and time, but in the end, with the help of time lapse videos, you will master SL building and designing.

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