Building In Second Life

The virtual online community second life is a game that is played by many all across the world and this game allows you to do many different things that you could do in real life including building in second life. When it comes to building in second life there is just about no limit on what you can do and with some practice you could acquire things such as mansions, forests, and planes. In the game the basis of most structures is a prim. Prims in second life are the building blocks for all things in second life except the avatars in the game. The natural ground as well as the tress and buildings are all made of prims so if you want to build in second life it is important that you be familiar with this aspect of the game. If you are playing the second life game and someone refers to a prim dress of prim shoes they are talking about objects that have been made from prims. The prims in the second life game have 15 different variations and come in the form of various shapes. The prims in second life also come from the building tool you will use in the game.

Other facts about prims include that the language of the game refers to creating a prim as rezzing a prim. This means that someone has pulled a building block from their inventory. A brand new prim in the game comes from the magic wand building tool used in second life and they can be made at any area you are allowed to build a structure. In addition to this in the game prims do not cost any money and are unlimited as far as the supply goes though there may be a limit to how many of these prims you can fit on to any given landscape in the game.

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