Renting in Second Life

Within the Second Life community is a thriving and intricate economic system based on real money for virtual services. The financial system in place mimics our own, with ways to both earn the currency as well as to spend it. There are shops and property, items and clothing to be bought and sold. These items are often crafted and digitally designed by other players within the game who may open their shop to earn the money they want to buy more virtual items. One of the ways people often spend their hard earned linden dollars is through renting spaces to have privacy in game. You can rent well, just about anything.

From tree houses, to hotels for sex, there is an abundance of options for you to find in game privacy where you can do a lot of what you want to do. Rentals come with different allowances. Some allow you to decorate a little, and some a lot. You can rent space to use personally or you can rent space to sell the secondlife items you’ve created, sort of like renting from a commercially zoned are in the real world. Game worlds allow you to live a life different from your own, you can rent a castle or a home based around the theme you want. Some rentals are priced per month and others priced per week, in varied prices so just about anyone willing to spend a little can give it a shot. A Second Life rental, can be just about any space, sometimes coming included with furniture and decorations that match the theme of the area.

Simulation games offer the chance to try things virtually that we might not otherwise try, including renting a place to spend time with someone we’re interested in. Second Life is a way for you to explore what you want and reinvent yourself just for fun.

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