Importing 3D models

The launch of the first hotel inside the virtual world of Second Life brought with it a series of innovations and aspirations that more companies would have to aim at. September 2008 was the month that made Second Life history for bringing a hotel brand into the grid. Ever since then there have been many more attempts.

Real life architects are interested in importing 3D models into Second Life. In the real world architecture is based on the designs of many specialists in the fields, preceded by calculations and careful considerations of everything that goes into building a structure. Architects often do this by using programs such as CAD or SketchUp The sketches are made from scratch and combine everything that goes into creating a particular structure.

Second Life import of 3D models has been a desired feature for many people, especially architects. The existence of this feature would greatly simplify the building process within Second Life and would make work easier for those who are already familiar with architecture programs.

However Second Life is a dynamic world that works over the internet and must also work on different computers. This makes it difficult to make 3D model imports in Second Life. Attempts have been made with applications Maya and Blender that brought 3D experimental models into SL, but bugs still had to be worked out.

The developers of Second Life are continuously working on redesigning and improving their own 3D system which will be much lighter and will make things easier for Second Life designers to implement. Importing 3D models into SL takes great effort which has to be translated into the simple language of SL primitives and put together once again, giving low accuracy.

The Maya application is closest to the Second Life primitive building blocks and gives designers a chance to create something outside the grid, but it is the best practice to create everything completely within Second Life.

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