Google Sketchup for Second Life

For those that know about building in second life you know that there are many 3d modeling software programs available online in order to do this. Google Sketchup is a free 3D modeling software program the falls into this category and one that is both easy to use and popular. One of the reasons that this free 3D modeling program is popular is the fact that it has much similarity with physical model building. Sketchup can be used to reduce prim numbers because it uses edges and faces in efficient geometric forms but this makes it harder on the creation of mesh organic shapes. The surface modeling paradigm of google sketchup also makes it hard to translate the models made with the program into sculpted prims in the second life game but it is more possible with the pro version of the software which costs significantly more. If you want to obtain the pro version of the software this will run you about 500 dollars but with all of the applications the program has many see this price as worth it. If you want to try Sketchup 6 Pro for yourself there is a fee trial version available that allows you 8 hours of access to the software for free.

If you want to try 3D modeling for yourself there are other programs available for beginners in addition to google sketchup. Before you go out and buy any expensive version of a 3d modeling software it may be a good idea for you to try the free versions in order to get a feel for if you are willing to do what it takes to learn 3d modeling if you are a beginner. 3D modeling can be a great pastime for those who enjoy playing the second life game or who like gaming in general. This can also be a way to get some extra money on the side through the right avenues.

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