Best 3D Programs for Sculpties

There is no easy answer to the question which 3D modeling software program is best for creating objects in Second Life. Users can create their objects outside Second Life, then export their creations to the virtual world or they can use resident built-in tools that are a bit limited.

The first question a SL user should ask before deciding on a 3D modeling tool is how much money is he or she willing to spend on creating their own, personalized objects for their house and life in Second Life. Money is important in Second Life. It can get you about anything. But the cost of a 3D modeling program can range from free to thousands of dollars. Beginners can use 3D modeling programs like Maya and 3Ds Max that are quite powerful, but users that are seriously involved into 3D modeling and have a lot of experience will consider them overrated. Still, for beginners, they represent a good choice. Lightwave and zBrush make another category of 3D programs. They can be considered powerful tools, well within the reach of people interested in doing their own simple SL design work. If you just want to do simple prims sculpting and sculpt maps for SL, with these programs you will pay too much for features that should be left to professional graphic artists.

Amorphium, trueSpace and Milkshape are specially designed for professionals and for those who want to make object designing in Second Life their full-time hobby. These are good programs, but a little low on the 3D studio capabilities of other expensive 3D mapping programs. For full-time professionals, these are not the right choice, but for standard 3D beginners, they could represent an excellent boost.

The best free 3D program is Blender which is a nice substitute for professional programs. It is flexible and free, which means it is very good for beginners who want to test their 3D creating talent, but the user interface is less practical that in other programs.

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