Real Estate in Second Life

Ever wanted to own your own hotel? Or become an architect? Well, there’s a way you can do that without all the money or education required in the real world. How? Well first you need to know what is second life? Second life is one of kind among simulation games. It’s a virtual world that imitates our own, anything that you do in the real world can be recreated in a second life, on the game. This includes buildings, furniture, you can live the fantasy life you want to have and see it visually.

Real Estate can be in two multiple types of locations in the Second Life world, either on individual estates or on the mainland, the mainland is owned and operated by Linden Labs, and they control when and if new mainland is created, however, estate land in Second Life can be owned by either an individual, or a by a group of individual and is created upon paying the required start up fee. The estate owner then often rents the land out to other game users. To own land you must be a paying monthly member, or a premium member, and it will cost you money to purchase land. The price can depend a lot on what type of land you want to buy.

The regions are divided and you will want to consider the type of building you want to create there when you’re looking to make a purchase. If you want to build a hotel within game worlds, you’re going to want something that can handle a larger quantity of avatars at a time, than if you are simply building a quite place for you and a couple of your friends to hang out away from the rest of the players. A hotel will also be capable of making you profit where as a personal get away probably won’t. Once you have built your hotel, or resort or apartment complex be able to rent it out for the secondlife currency.

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