Outside Hotel Structure

In Second Life the virtual reality is built in particular by the residents that are active on the grid. They consult each other and work together in other to construct spaces like exteriors, guest rooms and many public spaces.

Makaio is one of the people who are into building projects in Second Life. One of his most recent endeavors includes an aloft hotel structure. For this task there have been others who have given some help in order to achieve the desired result. Hotel structure creation as the creation of any other structure is quite tricky in Second Life.

The fact is that the avatar that people create in the virtual world does not compare height wise to how tall real people are. Because of the camera angles in the virtual reality and video games in general, characters in Second Life are actually taller that their real counterparts, because that’s how things work. And because of this, buildings in Second life are taller than real-life ones, making the ratios to be a bit off. It sounds complicated, but it all works out with a little preparation.

When creating a hotel structure the height factor always must be taken into account. The walls would have to be about 6 feet tall to allow the avatars enough space to move around in. The outside of the hotel structure is easy to build after calculating the exact measurements. The structure is built after a guide represented by a concept drawing of the hotel’s exterior.

The project requires skill and many calculations in order for everything to fit as it would in reality. When the outside structure of the hotel is finished the 3D elements are added to finish off the design, along with a sloping rooftop and some color coding. Texturing is the last step in building the hotel.

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