3d Modeling Formats in Second Life

In the virtual community second life many people create things outside of the game and export them into the game in order to use them. An example of this would be when a person uses a 3d modeling software program outside of the game in order to create a building to use in the game. This is becoming more and more popular as a method to push the limits of what is possible in the second life game and also add to a particular person’s sense of style. Often people who do this or who have the desire to do this run into problems with exporting and if you fall into this category it is important for you to know that if you cannot export directly there may be a way around this. One of the ways around this is that you can give a file that you want uploaded to a person with the proper software or export your design with another 3D modeling software program. There are a number of free 3D modeling software programs available in order to help you to do this. In addition to this in order to accomplish this you will need to send the file to the other program in one of the formats that the other program may be able to handle and there are various formats that you could use.

One of the formats that is used by many 3d modeling software programs is .OBJ. This format just may be the most common export format that is cross platform for all polygon models. This format is one that is pretty open and in addition to this the great majority of 3D programs support this format. Another format you could use is .3DS which has a default export supported by none other than 3D studio Max. This allows the format to be heavily supported though it doesn’t have the amount of export options that the .OBJ format has.

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