The Virtual Game Second Life

Second Life is a virtual game that is played by millions and the game just keeps on expanding in terms of players and what you can do on the game. Other virtual games such as second life exist online but none of them are doing as well as this one. This may be because of the absolutely realistic fashion in which you can play the game as well as the fact that anything that you can do in the real world you can most likely do on the second life virtual game. Second Life was created by Linden Lab and it was released in 2003 on June 23. There are many free client programs called residents in the game and these residents interact with each other in a very sociable manner and the environment through their avatars or virtual manifestations of themselves. The grid in the game is the virtual world that these avatars can explore and the interesting thing about the game is that you can go virtually anywhere that you could in the real world in the game. In addition to this there are a variety of products that you can buy in the second life society. There is even second life news and second life fashion options for the residents to enjoy.

The software of the second life virtual game has a 3D modeling tool built in which is one of the keys to making the game appear so realistic. The tool is based on simple shapes that are geometric in nature and these shapes help the residents to build any number of objects in the virtual world. In addition to this there is procedural scripting language that goes into this game which is used to add interactivity between objects and people. The more complex 3d sculpted prims, animations, gestures, and textures for clothing and objects can be placed into the game using other external software as well.

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